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Mentor Roles

Mentors assume various roles in their relationships with mentees. These roles overlap and change over time. In successful relationships, the number of roles that a mentor takes on often increases as the relationship develops.

Some of the roles you may assume are:

  • Teacher/Trainer: Providing learning opportunities and offering your experience as a guide
  • Positive Role Model: Demonstrating exemplary behavior and offering values that will increase chances for success and happiness
  • Social Supporter/guide: Providing encouragement to the mentee as he or she embarks on new experiences
  • Resource Supporter/advocate: Speaking and acting on behalf of the mentee and helping the mentee access community resources
  • Challenger: Encouraging your mentee to maximize their potential
  • Friend/Companion: Being consistently available and sincere; providing your mentee with caring and unconditional friendship

The roles you play at any given time are determined by the mentee's needs, desires, and interests.