Success Stories

Shawn is a 16 year old boy from a family of 8 children who has been with the Reach Our Youth program since he was 6 years old.  Since his mother only speaks Spanish, Melissa, his mentor, has assisted Shawn with school paperwork and other necessary school communications. She has been involved with his sports activities, attending his track and soccer events.  Melissa encourages Shawn to try new things, and he is looking forward to learning to drive and joining the military in the future.


Kristopher is from a single parent family and started Reach Our Youth when he was 10 years old.  His mentor, Aaron, volunteered for the program and became a mentor when he was in high school!  Together, Kristopher and Aaron enjoyed playing Fortnite, fishing, basketball, and farm related activities.  Although Aaron just graduated and will now be attending college, his three brothers are looking forward to continue to mentor Kristopher.


Vivian comes from a single parent family and lives in an apartment with four siblings.  She had little interest in participating until her mentor, JoAnne, encouraged her to try different activities.  Vivian loves sports now!  She has discovered volleyball, bicycling, and running.  JoAnne also introduced her to cooking and eating healthy. 


 Ariel, aged 11, lives with her grandfather and has had a difficult family history.  She enjoys being one on one with her mentor, Sophie. Together, they talk about friendships and boys and spend time at the park or playing board games.  Ariel has become involved with ROY activities and has become a helper at group activities such as setting up and sign-ins.  In the future, girl want to become a Reach Our Youth mentor when she reaches 16.  She calls her mentor, Sophie, “my favorite friend.”

   **Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.